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All monogrammed jewelery is priced to include personalization.  Available monogram font styles vary depending on the material (shell, wood, acrylic etc.). 


We offer 3 choices of font colors on our shell pendants. Black is the overwhelming favorite, but it should be noted that different shells may result in different appearances; remember that shells are a natural product, and slight differences in composition may affect color. Available font colors for our shell pendants are:  Black, Silver, and Gold.  

Acrylic cut outs are offered in Black,  Bubblegum Pink, red, and turquoise.

Choices for our wood cut outs are Walnut or Cherry.

Complimentary necklace choices are Black twist, Black 1/8" flat suede,  turquoise, pink, or red.



We really don't have any rules, but traditionally a woman's monogram is written in the following manner:  the first name initial goes on the left, the middle name initial on the right and the last name initial in the center, larger than the other two.  Having said that, you may choose to throw tradition out the window and go with what you like!  Just be sure you enter the monogram in the exact order you want it to appear.  If you do not wish to have your item monogrammed, just type in "None" instead of a monogram.



Shells are a natural product, so there are variations in size, thickness, color, shading, etc., which add to their uniqueness and beauty but make them difficult to describe precisely.  We have tried to provide some measurements on each, but keep in mind we are dealing with approximations.  If you are unsure, give us a call and perhaps we can help with your selection.


We are sometimes asked "Can I cancel or change the order?"  Because orders are placed into production immediately after we receive them, they cannot be cancelled or changed. 

We stand behind every product that we sell.  If you are not completely satisfied with the order, you may return it for a prompt exchange for the same item.  Understandably, items that have been personalized cannot be returned unless there is a quality concern.